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Project to transform a large multinational Pharma company so that there was less reliance on PPE when handling highly potent compounds. Systematic focus on tasks to improve controls through engineering containment. This included innovative approaches to addressing engineering controls for legacy compounds where change in formulation/manufacture was not feasible. Over $100M investment in engineering controls.



People spend more than 30% of their time at work and therefore there is a great opportunity to use the workplace to encourage healthier behaviors. The project involved integrating health into the design and operation of a building. Included amenities such as fitness facilities, clinics, walking trails, recovery rooms etc through to building design to encourage social interaction and increased movement throughout the day. Services such as catering - restaurant, meeting and coffee station design and offerings were designed to encourage or only provide healthy choices. The project was global and eventually impact 950+ locations. I t was also the Winner of BIFMA awards the 



Energy for Performance is a personal energy management training based on the Human Performance Institute's acclaimed Corporate Athlete program. With an enterprise goal of training 100,000 employees we set up a consistent high quality program using internal and external coaches. Delivering in multiple languages globally. Culture transforming with a bonus of a 5:1 Return on Investment (ROI).

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